Five Chic Reasons I’m In Love With Short Hair

Once-upon-a-time, cutting my hair short was unthinkable. But, bitter years spent tangling with bad hair days had finally taken their toll on my patience, leaving me to no avail but to take the ultimate act of a woman’s sacrifice–that is to surrender the fate of her crowning glory into the hands of a hairdresser. Today, I am loving every single thing there is to love about my new look.

Short hair is literally cool and fun. It has many perks no woman with long hair could ever understand. If you want to know what the chic benefits are of having short hair, then here the following reasons I won’t be missing my long locks for a very long time.

Chic Benefit#1: It’s the Shock Factor

There is always something impressively audacious about women getting a short haircut that shocks people every time. When I had my long thick black hair chopped to a boyish crop about two months ago, I received all sorts of reactions–ranging from derisive disapproval to major admiration–from people who knew me. For a change, I felt brave and unpredictable seeing people unsettled over my drastic transformation.

Chic Benefit#2: It’s a Daring Look Only A Few Can Pull Off

I realize that not everyone can carry a Jean Seberg crop, or rock a Miley Cyrus mohawk. It usually takes a lot of guts and the right amount of sass to shift from soft and feminine to ass-kicking rock star cool.

Chic Benefit#3: It Costs Less to Maintain

What I love about having short hair now is that I don’t have to use as much shampoo or conditioner as I used to when I had longer tresses. Gone are the days where I had to spend a ridiculous amount of money and agonizing time in a salon chair to have work done on my unmanageable frizz. Obviously, maintaining hard-to-tame tresses over the years hadn’t exactly been stress-free for me. But now, it no longer has to cost me an arm and a leg just to look fabulous.

Chic Benefit #4: It’s Flexible

Another thing to love about wearing short hair is that you can style it any way you like (unless it’s too closely cut to the head). You don’t even need gel to look cool and edgy. Sometimes, all that you need to achieve a really mean rocker (just got out of bed) look are eight hours of deep sleep.

Chic Benefit #5: It’s Simply Liberating to Have Short Hair

I used to deal with bad hair days by efficiently hiding hideous knots and horrific split ends in a tight, neat and practical bun. And so, chopping off those hard-to-tame tresses was obviously the wisest thing I have ever done so far this year.

In fact, it had benefited me in more ways I could have thought possible. Not only did having shorter hair make me feel lighter and literally freer (as if half of my life’s burdens have been lifted off my shoulders) but it had unshackled me from the unflattering stereotypes any “frumpy,” “boring” and “old-fashioned” stay-at-home mom would love to finally rid of herself.

Short Hair Mom Blog Post


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